Monday, July 26, 2010

A Summer Night

I sit outside at dusk with my best friends laughing about the silly things that genuinely hold no importance in our lives and smoking cigarettes to pass the time that already seems to be moving too quickly. While our lives are at huge turning points that none of us seem to be able to get a grip on; we still make time for this. Although they are not the same turning points by any means that is where the beauty is in it. Even though each of our lives are significantly changing we can still sit down, in the backyard of our home, and appreciate that the only thing we can possibly make sense of at the moment is that we love each other for every mistake, every flaw, every moment and every uplift we each bring to the table.
Although I cannot make sense of anything except for the fact that I am entirely in love with these people I would never trade it for any oounce of knowledge this universe has to offer. I trade my sanity in for priceless summer nights and I am entirely content with that.

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